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Taji Waist Wrap 3m


The Taji Waist Wrap is made of comfortable and breathable elastic material, which is strong in wrapping and can firmly tighten the abdomen. Combined with a healthy and reasonable diet and proper exercise, you can reduce your waist circumference by 3-5 cm.

Maximum order of 10. For more than 10 items and customers outside South Africa, please email us.

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- Can tighten the abdomen
- Make your waistline smaller
- Help postpartum recovery
- Improve posture
- Relieve low back pain
- Protect the spine
- Accelerate fat burning during exercise
- Enhance exercise effects.

Suitable for any occasion, the Taji Waist Wrap can help shape anytime, anywhere. It can be used in gyms, offices, yoga rooms, etc. It can be worn under your dress and it's seamless and very comfortable. It is an ideal equipment for various sports and daily life.

Size - One size (3 meters long)
Colour - Black

"Don't waste your waist. Wrap it up."



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